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Updated Nov 25, 2022


  • We currently offer a flat rate shipping price on MOST orders. However a few items will require a higher cost to ship than can reasonably be covered by that amount, so those products will be flagged to calculate the shipping rate required for it via USPS. We do not ship on other carriers because we have determined that for domestic shipping, USPS has the best rates and service.

  • On most orders we ship out your purchase within 12-24 hours after it is placed. Usually we are able to get it into the mail by the next day. If there will be a delay of any kind, I will contact you via email with the reason and an estimate of when it will be shipped. We want you to be able to start enjoying your purchase as soon as possible!

  • Each item is packed with care to ensure against minimal damage. Because we take great care in packing and selecting the best method to ship, we believe that paying extra for insurance is well, just a waste of money. You may ask for insurance if you would like and it will be billed to your order. All packages are shipped either first class or priority mail and, arrive within just a few days. Some take a little longer depending on the destination. Some items are actually cheaper shipping priority mail than first class, so compare rates before committing!

  • We use USPS (United States Postal Service) exclusively because they have the best rates for shipping the type of packages we send. By processing your shipping through the USPS you and I will receive a tracking number so we will know where your package is on its journey to you!

  • In addition to the actual USPS cost of shipping, a flat $1.50 handling fee is added to the shipping cost. This is to cover the cost of packaging, paper, labels, ink, tape…..those necessary things to get the order to you keep going up in cost. I do not include this in the price of each item to inflate the items price, but it is added PER PACKAGE. It is an unavoidable cost I ask you to share with me.

  • Sometimes the calculation and charge on shipping on your selection of multiple items may be way above the actual costs of mailing it. In such cases I will refund amounts that are more than $2 above actual costs. This also applies to calculations which come in too low to cover the costs to mail. As shipping rates and the online calculation programs change it sometimes ‘burps’ out a ridiculous amount! You can pay it and trust I will refund the excess, or stop and ask me about it prior to completing your order.


We have previously shiped around the world. Currently the costs have become unreasonable for some items. Therefore be aware that the price calculated for your order is the best we can do. We often ship at a loss because of these changes. You can ask prior to purchase and I can give you an estimate of the costs to ship if you’d like. Customs fees in your country are your responsibility and not part of the shipping charge from us.



  • We accept all major credit cards through our processing service at the time of purchase. We do not do layaways or time payments. Cancellations will not be accepted after the order has shipped. Contact us if there is a problem.

  • Many of our tools and components are handmade in our studio. We make every effort to provide you with sturdy, well made tools. Our materials vary and we cannot guarantee against all breakage due to user error. However, we want you to be happy with the quality and function of your purchase so if there is any problems please contact us.

  • Any requests for a replacement or refund must be pre-approved. Please email your reason for request accompanied by a photo of the item. You will be instructed on how to send the item if okayed for return. Replacements or credit will not be issued until the item is received back in our studio. Return shipping is the purchasers’ responsibility and will not be refunded.

  • Our items are lovingly hand crafted with care and attention to detail. Our designs are tested and refined for durability, wearablity, and longevity. Therefore we do not accept returns on our artwork.

  • However, we want you to be happy with your purchase and it’s place in your life. If you have any concerns, please contact us with them and we will happily work out a resolution that will suit your needs.

*All shipping to and from our studio is the buyers’ responsibility.
*These terms can be changed at the sellers’ discretion.



All artwork, photos, videos, PDF files, names, titles, tool designs and techniques shown online or in print are the exclusive property of Linda Stiles Smith and Naturescapes Studio. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or use of this property other than that defined is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Linda Stiles Smith. ‘

The reproduction of my proprietary tools and/or designs in any way is prohibited by law. This means that when you buy any of my copyrighted materials you are consenting to using them only for the purpose of creating your own work. Any redistribution, re-sale or reproduction of my tutorials or printed material, in ANY form is strictly prohibited. This means that you may not share any part of my tutorials, printed or digital, with a friend or family member, guild, group or class without paying for additional copies first.

The materials/artwork purchased from me are for your exclusive use only. Using my tools and instructions to create your own work either for sale or your own use or as gifts is acceptable.

Your purchase and use constitutes an agreement to the terms of my copyright.

Please contact me if you have any questions concerning this.