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When just a little will do the job. . .

When is less - more?

Isn't it a disappointment when you purchase something and you have waaaay too much of it? So okay, maybe you can  use it up.    Eventually.    In my case, I really like to be prepared with extras so I never run out of the tools I need to do the work. Really though having just the right sizes and just enough of them can be MORE than enough while you spend LESS. 😉

Sanding papers is just one of those things that can last a very, very long time so having too much can be a little unnerving, especially if you have to store that excess. 

Since the 3M wet-dry®️ sanding papers that I use and sell are long lasting, a little goes a long way. As I was prepping the full size sampler bags for the shop I almost always end up with some strips that aren't big enough for the regular bags.  

After years of using and selling this product I was dumbfounded that I didn't think to offer them to YOU! Honestly, this is the size that I use the most. What a perfect little bag of sanding strips for all  your small work! The handy bag will keep your strips ready to use and can be transported whenever you need to 'pick up and go'.

TIP:  The strips can be wound around a small dowel stick or even a toothpick to make a 'nook and cranny' sander for cheap! Start with a small piece of double stick tape to attach one end of the sanding paper to the stick. Wind the strip around and around, then attach to itself with another piece of double stick tape. This works best if you shorten the strip to half length. Be sure to wind the paper TIGHTLY or the layers could move apart. Adding a little extra tape along the length will help to secure it more. When the sanding paper gets yucky and less effective, peal back that used piece trim and retape with a new section out and you're ready to work again!

Now there is a very low supply because I don't make these until I need to restock on the big sheets from the manufacturer, so get em while they're HERE!

PSST:  If they are out, just ask me, I might be able to come up with a bag JUST FOR YOU!

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