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What tool is the BEST for this? A Tool Review

Metal Snips Cutters
Even if you don't work with sheet metals on a regular basis, when making jewelry and even some sculpture there is often a need to snip or cut metal pieces to alter them. You will most likely need a pair of metal snips.
What are Metal Snips used for?
Trimming out a disc bead cap? Snips. Shortening an aluminum metal bracelet blank to cover? Snips. Reshaping a brass shape? Snips. Cutting out new ships from metal sheet? Snips. Cutting off loops from a charm? Snips. Whatever sheet type metal cutting you need to do - Metal Snips is the answer.
All of these uses shouldn't be done with wire cutters. First because wire cutters aren't meant to cut heavy metals. I will just ruin them. The answer? Metal Snips.
Out of the package these appear to be just common cutters. I liked the feel of the cutters - they fit my small hand! The spring is sturdy and works to keep open the cutters in use. Unlike the wire cutters, they have a nice springy feel. Which is important when cutting thick metal. 
Just like the wire cutters from SE® the jaws are coated with black paint. Makes them look nice in the package. It's doesn't harm anything and isn't necessary to the working of the tool. But it will come off as the tool is used more and more. Honestly one test of the tool and it started to flake. Just brush it off and move on. To me this indicates that the jaws are aligned for a tight cut with no gaps to cause problems.
These are meant for soft metals up to 16 guage. So I caution you when using any cutters not to push them beyond their rating. It will result in damage. But I found these metal cutters to be solid and surprisingly well made for the low price. 
Metal Snips sample cut
The only down side, that I actually thought I could work with, is that one of the jaws has a ridged edge and leaves a pattern on that side of the cut. Noticeable, but was a pretty cool pattern I thought. So just be mindful of the direction you are cutting so that the pattern doesn't appear where you don't want it. 
All in all I thought that these were another great tool from SE® and I'm happy to have them in our tool line up.
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Metal Snips