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What are tools for?

There seems to be a disconnect between shops that sell tools and people who make things.

In most instances the people who sell the tools don't make the things the tools are used for. And the people who make things don't usually expect the people who make and sell the tools to also make the things the tools are used for.


It could be.

Especially when tools are designed and made by people who don't have a working knowledge of what the tool's intended use is and will the tool actually perform well. A lot of the time, a tool maker is just going on the design specs that they are given and while the tool could be made well, the maker just doesn't understand that the little nib they thought was unimportant is the most important part of the tool. It has a certain function that is needed by the end user. Takes a lot of communication to make that connection, but sometimes fails when tools are made by a manufacturer and not a user.

How is that corrected?

The best scenario is when a maker becomes a tool producer. Their tools usually are created out of a need for a specific task and there is a gap in the available tool supply. Plus they usually use and test the tool over and over to make adjustments to it to get it right.

So a lot of making is involved!

AND THAT is the hidden gem in this story….. the best tool makers are often the best designers and creators of the products the tools are used for! We never look for those products when we are shopping for tools. We just want a tool to do THIS and forget to look at what has been made with it.

I appreciate that the work made by the artists, who also happen to be tool makers, is available for purchase. I have a collection of finished art work that takes me back to meeting the artist, learning about their journey to developing a tool and having an example of what I can strive to do also.

THAT is why I have started adding to the shop the finished products of how I use a tools that we make. Because I feel it is important to make that connection. 

What do  you think?

All of my samples, artwork and finished products made from using the tools that we make and sell are now listed in our GIFTS Collection in the shop. 

All are on sale from Dec 15-18, 2022!

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