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THE List is here!

Over the last year I have grown more and more frustrated at group admins saying "don't đŸš« post your product/sales post in this group because there are LOTS of other groups to post them!"


I'm here to tell you that after a month of scouring facebook groups, there are NOT a lot of groups in the polymer clay/metal clay arena who will let a small business tool maker outright post about their products. It may appear that there is a lot of groups because facebook has a marketplace and sales there range from garage sales to auto sales (though FB is clamping down on auto sales now). However there are very few groups who allow artists to sell their work outright. Some allow this and not that. Some don't really say.

đŸ€«psst: access to the list is at the bottom of this post.

I do believe there should be rules for posting that should be observed in every group. Even my group Polymer Tool Box has rules which are more to do with conduct on the page rather than sales.  I built the page to BE a place for artist/makers to advertise their tools and products that help other artists learn and find what they need. >Note that posts from foreign companies who copy and make cheap products aren't allowed and will be removed. (Have already done it this month twice.)

But it boggles my mind that groups who claim to be there to help people learn and discover techniques and methods don't allow the people who make the tools to share those tools to their members. There really aren't that many honest small tool makers around anymore and how will you find them if they can't tell you what they have?
I think the misconception occurs because the fb platform is eager to get money and there ARE a lot of ads on your feed. With a business page, they constantly ask if you want to make a post into an ad, but it will cost you big $$$. There have even been classes on how to leverage your ad posts to market your products and get more sales. Which all cost a lot of $$$ every month (I know because I took one) They also don't want anyone to post a link that takes you off their platform. 

So this situation spurred me into investigating what is really available to small business artist/makers to share their product info and sales.

The list I compiled is by no means exhaustive. But it's a start for anyone who wants to sell their products online using fb as a marketing funnel to get the word out. There are 23 groups on the list to start.  The majority are Polymer Clay groups, with a few metal clay groups, a few crafters groups and jewelry makers groups. They represent the subjects I work in, though a search for sculpture groups netted zero open to any sales.

The list is dated and shows how many subscribers/followers each group has to date, what types of 'links' for sales and if you can join with your business page. For the most part many of the groups will allow you to post a picture of something with a link to a blog page where info on your product is found which you can then leverage into a link to the product for sale. (There are ways to work around the rules to get seen. Sadly it has to be done that way for most) And some have restrictions as to what can be in the post which, if I found them, are under the name of the group.

Keep in mind that rules can be changed at any time and an admin can determine they don't like you so you get kicked out. There really are a lot of groups, but if they are all show & tell and just insider chatting, I didn't list them. (Sometimes I've been able to answer a question and post a link to my product, but that is a time consuming activity that requires lurking in a group. Not something I am fond of doing.)

The pdf of the list "Groups that Allow Sales" can be found in the files section of my group Polymer Tool Box which is a public group so anyone can see what is posted there and have access to the info. Joining gets you notifications of when new posts are made, but you must read the rules and answer the questions to be accepted.

Let me know if you have any additions or corrections to the list in the Polymer Tool Box group! Have fun!

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