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Harvest Time Is Here!

Canning Jar Lids

     Treasures are everywhere in the autumn! 

Do you save a lot of "stuff' like I do?

Stones, shells, clay pieces, leaves 🍁, branches, pins, tools, nuts, plant seeds, rubber bands, powders, herbs, buttons, pennies, creams, candles . . . EVERYTHING can be saved in a glass jar! They usually are the best choice for things that you collect. Jars allow you to see what and how much of something you have on hand. 

Size of jar doesn't really matter except although I use what I have I prefer canning jars because they are more uniform in size and stack nicely.  I also add to my collection of jars frequently. Why? Because I always have an abundance of them for preserving food from my garden 🪴 AND herbs that I grow. Glass is food safe. Actually one of the jars in the picture is a pasta sauce jar I saved to reuse. I never throw them away even though I can't can in them. It's nice to be able to choose a jar size to match the contents when needed.

If  you don't have the supply of jars that I do, then I recommend that you explore collecting them - from yard sales, craft stores, even the grocery store pasta sauce aisle and NEVER throw away a good storage jar again! And you don't need the lid if you collect ones with the same size mouth.

No lid? So far if you have been doing mindful collecting, jars with regular canning lid size mouths, then there is no worries >>>>⤵️

Keep a supply of plastic lids on hand to put on every regular size canning type jar! With these you have the ability to tag the top of the lid with the exact contents and they clean easily to be reused again and again. (You don't want the rusty-prone, bent metal lids and rings anyway.)

These plastic lids can be hard to find and kinda pricey, but no sweat! The supply I have is left over from the stock of Linda's Lids we used to make. Plus a MASSIVE HALF OFF LIDS CLEARANCE SALE IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!

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