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Don't buy quality tools!


Choices, choices.

Whenever it comes to purchasing a new tool for working with clay we seem to go thru a list in our heads.

So to save you some time when faced with a decision, here’s a ready made list of 5️⃣ reasons for NOT buying quality tools to help you ease thru the process.

1 - I don’t like to clean tools to help them last, it takes too much time.

2 - If it’s cheap I can just buy a new one when it breaks. Again and again and again…

3 - Since I’m a beginner I don’t need good tools yet.

4 - If I buy an expensive tool then I can’t have my favorite coffee.

5 - I like having a LOT of different tools to dig thru instead of ONE that WORKS. 🧰

If you find yourself thinking any of these things, that’s ok. 

There is probably at least one of these that I can relate to too.

HOWEVER, to make any craft, you need the right tools for working.

Some tools are versatile and can do several things well which means having multiple specialized tools might not be necessary. Some tools, though specialized, can cover several different needs if you take time to try it in multiple ways. I have found this to be true with our Clay Punch Cutters. Although made to cut a hole, they also make a nice pattern in many ways if a light touch is used.

In college I had an art professor tell me something that has saved me a lot of mistakes buying tools and has stuck with me for almost 30 years. 

“Being a student shouldn’t keep you from buying the best quality professional tools you can afford. Buy quality tools, take care of them, and you will never have to replace them. Your work will be better for using the right quality tool.”

Good advice from a wise person.

Here at NatureScapes Studio we promote quality over quantity when it comes to tools. The next time you are looking for tools and have to decide what to do, remember what NOT to do when making your choices.

Save time AND money  - NatureScapes Studio Tools

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