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Best wire cutting tool for EVERYONE - a tool review


It is rare that a tool surprises me right out of the package, but this one did.

This review is to give you my honest opinion of this tool and recommendations for using and tweaking it if needed. A link to the tool in my shop will be at the end.

This pair of pliers fits my hand well and is comfortable to hold. The torsion spring on the pair I tested was sluggish (but did open enough to release the wire) so I reverted back to the method from jewelry making that I learned for using pliers without springs. Keeping my little finger inside the handle allows me to simply push the handle to fully open the jaws of the cutters. I have to admit I'm not adept at that, but it works! I suspect the spring will get more springy with use so I will I adjust my expectations some.

Holding the Flush Cut Pliers 

Aside from the obvious manufacturing bits of oil and smut that accompanies most metal tools, which can usually be wiped off with a rag, I was surprised at the black powder coating. Not many have that because it will probably eventually scrape off. It makes the tool look nice but it doesn't effect the function of the tool. However it will keep the metal from tarnishing and rusting which is a plus. 

Just about every tool I've bought, expensive as well as cheap, needs a little filing and sanding to smooth down rough edges. This is no exception, but that is just personal preference. This only applies to the outside edges of the tool, NOT the cutting edge. There was nothing on the pair I tested to require a major overhaul of the blades. And honestly, you don't want to mess with them anyway. It could alter the cutting area which is the most important part of these pliers. So if you are at all tempted to file or sand that area - STOP! The most you would need to do is a little light sanding of any paint hairs on the outer edge of the jaws. A PLUS is the cap that covers and protects the blades of the cutters. So I advise that you USE it!


💚 What the most amazing thing about this inexpensive tool is that it lives up to it's name! It provides the best FLUSH cut on BOTH sides of the cut that I have ever experienced! I was blown away! The wire shown is a soft craft wire, so keep in mind that the heavier/harder/thicker the wire, the cut could be a little off on one side. Ultimately cutting hardened materials will result in damage to the blades down the road. However any good tool can be sharpened by a professional tool sharpener.

Flush Cut Pliers that WORK!

>>>TIP: Mark the maximum size wire that the pliers can handle on the the jaws below the screw so you can match the tool to the wire. Protect your tools and use them properly so you can extend their life.

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