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Are you COLD now? (plus a tip)

Snowman Pin!

❄️ Temperature is relative to where you are. In the south, 50° can feel cold. In the far north that is balmy! It seems however lately that as soon as the heat leaves the air, my hands get frigid! No matter where though, my measure of temperature is if it snows and if that snow stays. My brother and I banter back and forth about the temps and who is the snowiest/coldest in our respective home areas. It is always changing so neither one of us wins! 

The signals of winter is the first snowfall and the memories of being a child laughing and playing and building snowmen!  Pretty special. Something that a lot of us would like to have a reminder of and though we honestly don't want it to last beyond it's scheduled performance time, having a reminder of all of the good parts of it pretty much seals the deal for me - I love it! However, here in southern Ohio we haven't had enough snow for snowman building in recent years. Nothing new. Just our usual climate for December. 


I solve that issue by making fun SNOWMAN PINS to wear! No matter how much snow we have, I always have my cute snowman on. Plus, these little guys never melt!

My memories of us building snowmen what seemed like every year with mountains of snow were the fuel for taking out my polymer clay and fashioning a few. It was so much fun that I couldn't stop! Although I have given some away, I still had some left.

So quick before they melt, get yourself a Snowman Pin here to wear or give. These will last thru winter for sure…no matter where they live, north, south, east, west. EVERYONE loves snowmen!


The biggest challenge to making WHITE snowmen is getting the oven temperature just right, covering them loosely with aluminum foil, and baking fully at just the right temperature to cure them but not burn the white clay. Plus I used glitter white clay which can be especially problematic. It's a trial and error kind of thing. Though it is best to test before committing to a finished project in a batch. I found however that temperature is critical. I use TWO thermometers in my oven to be sure it stays consistent. 

So if you have a little clay, make your own! Beads, buttons, wire and a little creativity goes a long way!

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