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And on the Day After . . .

Love it or leave it, the turkey is a symbol of our Thanksgiving. A native to the US, and a one time candidate for the country bird, the humble turkey 🦃 can put fear in the hearts of the most accomplished home cooks and angst in the hearts of everyone else. 

As a signal to the 'great shopping season' Thanksgiving Day is a like a starting gun for a race. Ready, Set, 


But it doesn't have to be that way. In our house we enjoy the cooking and gathering of family to share the day with food and lots of talk, talk, talk! Then the day is gone and we rest a little bit and consider what is our next task and focus - usually decorating for Christmas 🎄.

However somewhere in there is the need to shop for gifts for friends and family. As our family has grown and now with one away in another country, we have decreased that need a lot and spend more time looking for more special gifts  that meshes with the receivers interests and needs. (I secretly wish I could shop for gifts 🎁  my store! It would be so easy!)

Giving items for an artists collection of tools is always a wonderful idea! I've often asked for a new tool for my work. Last year it was a special refitted pasta machine for rolling polymer clay. I love it! But NatureScapes Studio has many things that make great gifts too.

This year NatureScapes Studio is going to be offering some of my finished artwork as gifts - for giving to others OR yourself (hint!) Jewelry 💍, Clocks 🕰 and Dishes 🍽 fashioned in Polymer Clay or Metal Clay will now be found under Gifts in the shop. Most are examples of what can be done with the tools we make and sell. Which would make a great sample and keepsake!

It's a new feature that will be continued in the shop this coming year. Something new will be added almost daily and as new things are made for tutorials and classes, they will be added to the shelves. EVERYTHING is One-of-a-Kind so you can be sure it will truly be special.

So save gas and angst while browsing in your own home in comfort.

PLUS! EVERY purchase is always gift wrapped! So you can save some time and extra expense too! 

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